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Dearest Reader,

congratulations you made the first step. You are here!
Now what?

Another publishing house?, you may ask yourself. An excellent question indeed. One that we have asked ourselves over and over again. One that caused us sleepless nights and subsequently tired days. Why not invest in something bigger, grander? Why publish things? Why not build a rocket instead?

The answer is simple. We live for stories, for authenticity and for creating something meaningful. Although building an actual rocket would be pretty cool, it is print we trust in.

Our Vienna-based boutique-publishing house Paper Affairs is a playground to discover and contribute. Not just for us personally, but for anyone involved. It is a statement to spice things up and peek around corners. It is also the homebase of outstanding photographers, artists and writers whose goal is to show new perspectives and provide an ever-growing source of inspiration.

Fuelled by our passion to never stop asking big questions, we, Katja Greco and Peter Schmid, take our readers on a continuous journey and we promise it will never get boring. To challenge our perspectives and look at the world with fresh eyes every day, we love travelling the world, trying peculiar foods and exploring different cultures. That is what keeps us inspired most and our other agencies, which have been intertwined for over a decade, give us not only the know-how but also the network and resources to finally go beyond commercial boundaries.

Katja Greco can look back at two decades of hands-on experience within the publishing and advertising world. Her innovative company heartbeat for Storytelling and Corporate Publishing is responsible for a variety of top-notch client magazines. Peter Schmid has also completely at home in the creative world: since 1999 his agency d.signwerk supports well-renowned Austrian companies in the areas of strategy, communication and emotional branding.

We are the living manifestation of the hashtag Creativepreneur, navigating confidently through the digitised world of likes and emoticons but knowing that there is so much more out there, which has real substance. Things that matter. That is the content we want to deliver.

Paper Affairs Publishers is the creative lovechild of our two individual agencies. It is the logical next step and we are absolutely ready to dive in. We publish magazines and books around design, photography, food, art, sustainability and lifestyle. A personal touch is important to us and we want you to get a real sense of who we actually are. So we don’t shy away from having a clear voice and sharing our personal views as a platform to inspire dialogue amongst all of us.

We can probably throw a few more fancy buzz-words in your direction but let’s face it, you’ve already come this far so chances are you will have a look at our stuff. Otherwise you just wasted a good five minutes, and who wants that? Exactly.



Schlüsselgasse 5/10, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Peter Schmid
Founder & CEO

Katja Greco
Founder & CEO