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Our Vienna-based boutique-publishing house Paper Affairs is a playground to discover and contribute. Not just for us personally, but for anyone involved. It is a statement to spice things up and peek around corners. It is also the homebase of outstanding photographers, artists and writers whose goal is to show new perspectives and provide an ever-growing source of inspiration.


All You Can Eat

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All You Can Eat. The magazine for anything you can eat. From the sausage stand to the gourmet restaurant, from canned beer to champagne: a lot of food culture and a few recipes, a little bit of Austria and a lot of the wide world, not overly serious, not always just funny. It is a magazine for people who are interested in food and drink but who don’t identify with the classic gourmet formats or the never-ending housewife issues. All You Can Eat tells very long and very short stories from near and far, showcases beautiful and ugly photos, peculiar, complicated and extremely simple recipes. What brings all of this together is clear: You’d never find them published like this anywhere else.


2017 – a story

Helene Deisenhammer / Robert Maybach

French fries made from sponges, latex ketchup: in this editorial, nothing is as it seems. Through irony and abstraction sports & snacks takes a pot at our world of fast food and slow fashion. When the real and the artificial collide, when sportswear and casual form a liaison, our esthetic sense is put to the test. And the results are truly something to relish. A thought experiment masterminded by Helene Deisenhammer, who took over the creative direction, set and prop design as well as the production and organizational process. Captured in photos by Robert Maybach.


Japanisch für Anfänger



Thomas Schauer

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ALL YOU CAN EAT Issue 2: Fremd (Foreign)

Making of: Print


Canaletto style: View from the rooftop terrace of our hotel in Valletta, Malta. Preparing our second issue of ‚The City Papers‘.


In Memoriam Paul Bocuse

Butter king Fernand Point and his heritage.

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Good morning everyone! Welcome at Caffé Greco!


Napoli mood. Having a great time at a lovely city. Capri vanishing at the horizon ...


Das Essen der Anderen

Echtes Chicken Tikka Masala
kommt aus Glasgow

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ALL YOU CAN EAT Issue 2: Fremd (Foreign)

Making of: Cover


2017 – a story



Fake Food

Julie Brass


Die Deutsche Küche

Gibt es sie? Und braucht sie jemand?


Wie schmeckt eigentlich ...