Some selected reviews of our book „Carnal Remains – Photos & poems by Sam Scott Schiavo“ 

Your words are music to our ears!


“Just received your book. Without question the most beautiful composition of anything I’ve ever seen. Your work is incredible but the binding, paper, and overall construction is spectacular. Congrats!”



“I’m reading the interview… I do love it! Your classical view far from modern fakeness. Those are not just pictures, they are a state of mind. You can feel more than what you just see. You are your own vision. And the book itself is so good. The glossy pages, surprising. The spine super cool and the fabric on cover wow! So old style but modern at the same time! AND!!! Not less important…I’m kinda proud to own the infamous wooden table!! Great work Sam! Happy to put it among the books of my beloved collection! ♥”

S.C. | Milan, Italy


“We love it, Sam! Your eye is romantic, sensual and piercing! Well done for the past 25… Now we want to see more for the next 25! ♥”

G.M. | Milan, Italy


“One of the best male nude photography books I’ve ever seen. I just came across it – It’s seriously stunning. Love the textures!”

S.M. | Berlin, Germany


“We are speechless!! The book is absolutely amazing. I have never seen a book bound like yours. It’s just so creative. We are in awe. The photography and the different use of paper is so beautiful.”

J.S. | Philadelphia, USA


“Llllllllloooooovvvvveeeee it :) So good Sam! It’s so nicely done!”